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5/1/18- Hey there bugs! Startin the new year stronk with a new amazing game- DONGERS MINI- HARMONIUM. This was actually developed for a Sekret Santa game jam on glorioustrainwrecks. Check it out!

31/12/17- Happy new years everybody! I wanna thank everyone who visited mah website and BLAH BLAH BLAH. Hopefully this year will be even better, with games the magnitude of which youve never seen before coming left and right!

24/12/17- HOE HOE HOE! MERRY XMAS!!! I added some thins on the STUFF page and added a new game- DEER KEEPER. And dont worry, i got some good shit prepared for next year.... stay tuned.

3/12/17- I updated the website with a bit of a resedign- The GAMES and LINKS page got a major update!

28/11/17- A new game is here- Face Picker. Its really tiny so have fun!

16/11/17- Uploaded another two player game- Cigarette vs Popolník! hell yea

13/11/17- KUBUS DAY BROTHERS! Uploaded a new game in celebration- STINKY DINKY!

31/10/17- Happy Halloween bros n broettes! I just added 3 halloween games to stimulate your senses during this great day- Dog vs Spider, Gravebuddy Lars and Scaryman. Enjoy!

30/10/17- Wassup! Just updated the GALLERY, the ART section and changed pic on the index page. Nice!

21/10/17- I added a new wonderful game- Fortune from the Magic Bush!

27/9/17- kool 2 is up

24/9/17- Just added a new game- kool. Careful about playin itttt

24/8/17- Just uploaded all my games to Glorious Trainwrecks.

19/8/17- I am working on Rob's Boss Fights 3 (with some special features). I am really slow on the programming though, so, to get a taste, here is Rob's Boss Fights 2.5! Check out the game page for more info!

17/8/17- Updated the Gallery page! Good shit.

16/8/17- Just added two brand new BOOBSLAPPIN games- Hit Em All and Fuck This Old Man! Do so!

22/7/17- No news for a month, sorry! During the break, I have just been acting like a lazy ass but that will hopefully change soon. I added a new ART page section to the website full of strange and wonderful pictures. Have fun with that while I get to work on some GOOD STUFF!!!

19/6/17- So its been a month and I havent put up anything! So much school stuff and their wankering around, but I finally got a break and will hopefully have more time for games and such! I updated the Gallery page and put up a new game- Frozen Pizza. Enjoy!!!

13/5/17- Just updated the Gallery page!

11/5/17- Just updated and posted a new game Rob's Boss Fights 2, the sequel to Rob's Boss Fights. I spent a loot of time making this so make sure you check it out and get a good score. ;-)

5/4/17- Added a new awesomely spectacular game called Dongers. This was a collab from me and the genius INFERNALBEAST. Check it out now!!

27/2/17- Added a Gallery page. Now you will be able to see the true face of the ultimate game creator. :-)

23/4/17- I warmly welcome all the new users and am glad so many cool people visit this site. I will have some school for a bit, so here is a new awesome game "Peanut Butter" to make up for inactivity. Make sure to play it, it contains special features.

20/4/17- Added a new game- Daddy. Check it out and get to the end. ;-)

18/4/17- Happy Easter! After site was down for an eternity, its finally back baby! I put up a new game (Cake) to celebrate! Enjoy! :-)

25/2/17- Added a new game (Rob's Boss Fights) and a few banners in the "stuff" category. Excellent!

22/2/17- Website created! Right now it contains a page for news (the one you are on right now!), music, games, stuff and links to other cool sites like this one. They are mostly empty now but will soon be updated and new categories will be added!
Lands of games shall rule the world!